Rebate incentives are available from your Maryland Electric Utility provider for all the home energy efficiency improvements that Atlas can complete for your home! Being a utility customer and completing a comprehensive home energy audit, can allow you to qualify for up to $7,500 in Home Performance with Energy Star rebates for making your home more energy efficient. 

These rebates are funded by the EmPOWER Maryland surcharge that is on your electric bill every month. This initiative was introduced in 2009 with the goal to reduce Maryland’s electricity consumption. While the implementation, incentives, and regulations of the program have changed over the years, it is currently fully administered through the Maryland Electric Utility Providers – Potomac Edison, BGE, Pepco, SMECO, and Delmarva Power. 

The following programs and services are incentivized though the program:

  1. Quick Home Energy Check-Up
  2. Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
  3. Air Sealing and Insulation Upgrades
  4. HVAC and Duct Sealing Upgrades
  5. Lighting and Appliance Upgrades 

How to Qualify Your Home Energy Efficiency Improvements for Rebate:

  1. Complete a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit – this is a $100 assessment of your home that is completed with an approved utility contractor like Atlas Home Energy Solutions. 
  2. Create a Project Scope that meets BPI (Building Performance Institute) Standards – The entire scope of energy improvements completed on a home that is receiving Home Performance with Energy Star rebate must comply with BPI standards. These include:
    1. Completing Improvements through a Top Down Approach – You must complete attic improvements before or in conjunction with basement/crawlspace improvements. 
    2. Remediating Health and Safety Issues Before Air Sealing – Issues such as improperly routed bathroom exhaust fans, inadequate whole house ventilation, or carbon monoxide hazards must be addressed before completing any work that will make the house tighter. 
  3. Determine Estimated Energy Savings of Energy Improvements – All improvements must be modeled for their potential energy savings through the respective utility’s energy modeling software. Projects which result in higher electricity savings generate a higher rebate amount. 
  4. Complete the Home Energy Improvements – All improvements must be completed by an approved Utility Contractor like Atlas Home Energy Solutions.
  5. Complete a Test Out Inspection – The test out includes a blower door test and combustion safety testing similar to the home energy audit. This inspection is performed by Atlas to ensure the improvements meet the utility program requirements and to ensure that no health or safety issues were created. 
  6. Complete and Submit a Rebate Application – Atlas will complete all of the required documentation and submit the rebate application for customers who complete work with us. 
  7. Receive a Rebate from the Utility – Rebates are mailed directly to homeowners. On average, it takes between 6 and 8 weeks from the rebate approval by the utility until customers receive the rebate check in the mail. 

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