Our Purpose

Our mission is to improve how people live in their homes. A vast majority of the homes that people will be living in 50 years from now have already been built. Many of these homes cannot perform to the same level as newer homes in terms of how comfortable they are, how much energy they use, and how clean the air is in the home. Building technologies are continuously improving and their are now ways to bring the benefits of new homes to existing homes.

We exist to help homeowners make these improvements, to change how they live in their homes. For some, it is making a room that is freezing in the winter more comfortable so that it is usable. For others, it is reducing how much energy it takes to heat and cool their home. Whatever the goal, Atlas home Energy is here to help homeowners take advantage of all of the opportunities for improvement that their home has.

Our Team

Originally formed in 2009, our team has grown from a staff of 2 to over 40 over the years to become Maryland's Premier Home Performance company. We are the largest partner for the three (3) Maryland Electric Utilities in their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

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