Work with an Energy Efficiency Expert you can trust!

Atlas Home Energy Solutions was founded in 2009 by Frederick Maryland natives Matt Sera and Mike Uecker. After graduating college, Matt was working for his father’s construction company providing plumbing, HVAC, and remodeling services when they started to receive consistent requests by homeowners who wanted to make their homes more efficient. These homeowners wanted to make the most cost effective improvements as possible by doing upgrades that yielded the most energy savings for the lowest investment cost. Seeing this interest from customers, Matt began thinking about ways to identify all of the energy improvements that could be done to a house and how to determine which would make the biggest impact with the least cost. At the same time, Mike was working with a commercial construction company and began to realize the same interest in energy efficiency by clients. Being friends from high school, Mike and Matt got together to found Atlas Home Energy Solutions.
The commitment to high quality work and customer satisfaction that Matt learned working with his father helped us provide improvements to customer’s homes that dropped their utility bills and made their homes more comfortable year round. Customer Satisfaction and high quality work are still the most important tenets of Atlas Home Energy Solutions and we promise that we can make a real impact in your home in a way that keeps you happy every step of the way.