Why Clean Your Ducts with Atlas?

If you’ve ever changed the air filter in your HVAC system, you may have noticed how quickly the dust can build up from just a few months of running your heat or AC. Most of the time, the only dust and debri that we notice in our HVAC system, is going to be in our filter or on the register grilles installed at the vents. It’s easy enough to clean the grilles and change the filter, and you may even be able to clean just inside the vent, but what happens to all the other dust in your system?

Unfortunately all the inaccessible duct in your system traps the dust and allows it to accumulate over time. Many homes have never had the HVAC systems cleaned, which could mean years or decades of dust and dirt build up. Not only can a dirty duct system be hazardous to the health of people living in the home, it can also make your system run less efficiently.

Evidence that your Duct System Needs Cleaning
  • Dirty return grilles, visible dust when you remove your vent covers
  • Indoor allergies affecting the home’s occupants
  • Ductwork that is fully located in an attic or crawlspace
Our Solution

Our thorough duct cleaning includes every inch of your duct system, and typically takes between 4-6 hours depending on the size of your home. We start by connecting a truck mounted HEPA filtered vacuum directly to your duct system. We then block off the registers that are connected to the ductwork. Once everything is set up we turn the vacuum on and then start removing the blocks one by one so we can send an extendable cleaning wand through the ductwork to stir up the dust / debris. The dirt / debris gets pulled into the vacuum that we've set up as we clean every individual trunk and vent line in your system. The dust that is being pulled out of the system goes straight to our truck and never mixes with your house air. After we are done cleaning the branch lines, we wash all the vent covers and reinstall them. After we are done cleaning the system, we can also perform duct fogging to ensure the system is completely sanitized. 

The Atlas Home Energy Experience

By choosing Atlas Home Energy for your home upgrades, we promise to:

  1. Smooth Process – Atlas staff will manage and perform every step of your home upgrade from the initial evaluation, to the completion of the variety of upgrade projects, to the follow up testing, to the filing for financial incentives. We will take care of the logistics and the details, so that you don’t have to. While there are a lot of steps along the upgrade process and many different construction experts and trades we have designed our processes to make the upgrade experience seamless and efficient.
  2. Measurable Results – We perform follow up testing for all of the services that we provide, so that we give you quantifiable results to show you where your home was before your upgrade and how much it has improved.
  3. Industry Leading Warranty – We use materials and equipment that are of the highest quality because we want our upgrades to last for as long as you live in your home. If you suspect that a product we installed stopped performing as promised, we will send an expert out to evaluate and fix the issue at no charge to you anytime within your warranty period.  

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