Why Seal Your Ductwork?

Keeping your living space comfortable can be one of the most frustrating aspects of homeownership. Whether it’s uneven temperatures throughout the home making you readjust your thermostat, or uncomfortable upstairs rooms which keep you from sleeping soundly at night, most homeowners have at some point looked for a solution to this problem.

Traditionally the tried and true methods have been to check your HVAC system, and to make sure your home is well insulated. However, in the last ten years, builders and homeowners have come to realize the importance of duct sealing as one of the major drivers of comfort in a residential home. 

If your home has a forced air system( a system using air ducts and vents), you may have noticed that certain vents may get more airflow than others. If you find that you are having poor air delivery to the rooms furthest away from your HVAC system, the problem is not likely the unit but the HVAC ducts themselves. Traditionally, HVAC ducts are constructed out of sheet metal and may even use the framing of your home as part of the duct system (known as panned ducts). In your attic ductwork, you may find that the ducts are a flexible insulated duct. Just because these ducts are not rigid does not make them immune to leaks. Due to all of the design flaws, research shows that 25-40% of the air flowing through your duct system will leak before it gets to your vents. 

In many cases this means that your ducts are leaking hot/cool air into areas like your attic, crawlspace, and external walls. Even if your ducts are located within an area like your basement, you may find that the leaks keep your basement very comfortable, but find that other areas in the house do not get the same benefit. Not only are leaky ducts a comfort concern, but the duct leakage will also make your HVAC system run longer and drive up your energy bills!

Evidence that your Home Needs AEROSEAL
  • Uneven temperatures throughout the house. 
  • Lack of airflow from air vents.
  • HVAC Equipment Having Trouble Getting the House to Temperature on very hot or very cold day
  • Odors coming into the home from crawlspaces or attic areas
  • High Utility Bills During Heating or Cooling Months
  • Trouble controlling your home’s humidity levels or indoor air quality, signs of mold growth inside the duct system
  • Dusty areas in the home, and a HVAC filter that needs changing often. 
Our Solution

Ducts are commonly sealed on the outside using materials such as metal tape or mastic. These solutions are only effective for the areas where ductwork is accessible. It is very likely that most of the ductwork for your home is behind drywall and inaccessible. 

Aeroseal is a cutting edge-solution that we offer that seals your ductwork from the inside out. By sealing ductwork this way, it doesn’t matter that your ducts are hidden behind drywall. Aeroseal can seal penetrations up to half an inch across throughout your entire duct system. Aeroseal can reduce duct leakage by 90% on average throughout a system. 

Reducing duct leakage will not only substantially improve air delivery, it will also reduce the load on the system to improve the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. Less duct leakage also can reduce the frequency of duct cleanings and will provide a cleaner and healthy home. 

When Aeroseal is completed after a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit, it is eligible for a $750 rebate when completed in conjunction with attic insulation work or a $500 stand alone rebate. Book your AEROSEAL Duct Sealing and pair it with an Atlas Duct Cleaning service for a further discount today!

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