Quick Energy Check

What can you learn with a Quick Home Energy Check Up?



What is a Quick Energy Check up?




No Cost Energy Evaluation of Your Home by an Expert

An Atlas Energy Auditor will evaluate your home for improvements that can make it more comfortable and more energy efficient. The quick home energy check is paid for through the EmPower Maryland Act and is no cost at the time of the appointment.


Education about Utility Rebate Programs

Our auditor will review all of the rebate programs currently available through Potomac Edison for making your home more efficient. These include HVAC, Lighting, Insulation, Air and Duct Sealing, and Appliance rebates.



No Cost Energy Saving Products*

Every QHEC customer may be eligible for the following energy saving products at no charge:
1. 14 LED Light Bulbs
2. 4 High Efficiency Faucet Aerators
3. 2 High Efficiency Fixed or Handheld Shower Heads

4. Pipe Insulation for Hot Water Heater Pipes
5. Smart Power Strip


‚Äč* Not all homes are eligible for all available products. 


To learn more about the Quick Home Energy Check-up Program through Potomac Edison visit their website.