Does a free Quick Home Energy Check Up sound too good to be true?

Does a free Quick Home Energy Check Up sound too good to be true?

As the saying goes "nothing in this world is free", which may be the reason many Maryland homeowners have not yet taken the steps to receive a quick home energy checkup through their local utility provider.

Admittedly it does sound a little suspicious. A phone call or someone going door to door is offering to have a technician or auditor come into your home to do an inspection. The auditor is going to be offering you information on potential rebates, and not only will you be receiving free energy saving products like light bulbs and smart power strips, but the auditor will also provide free installation of said products?

It sounds like there might be an ulterior motive at play. But the good news is that, in this case, the quick home energy check is actually a legitimate service and is one of the easiest ways for you to start saving energy in your home!

In fact, you already pay for the service whether you receive the inspection or not! It is funded through the EmPOWER Maryland Initiative as a way to help meet Maryland’s energy reduction goals. You can see the surcharge on every maryland electric utility bill.  So by getting a quick home energy checkup, and taking advatange of the information as well as the free products, you are actually helping offset a charge which is already on your bill!

For more information directly from the local electric utilities about the quick home energy check up, choose your electric utility provider – Potomac Edison, PEPCO, or BGE.

So in summation, the quick home energy checkup is NOT a scam, and is a really good first step to get started on improving the energy efficiency of your home. To take advantage of the quick home energy check up and start saving money today schedule an appointment with Atlas by clicking here