Atlas Energy insulated various parts of my house based on a home energy audit performed by another provider. I went with Atlas since they were reasonably priced and provided what they thought would be the most bang for the buck. They put a new vapor barrier down in my crawl space and used closed cell spray foam on the walls. They used open cell spray foam on my basement rim joists, to air seal the attic, and under the second story overhanging part of my house that was very leaky. They used blown in insulation to get my attic up to R60. Finally, they sealed my ducts using Aeroseal. I'm fussy on house work and I did some research on house insulation. I stayed home most of the 4 days they performed the work but it didn't seem necessary. There were anywhere from two to four workers on any given day. They were punctual, worked hard, and were very professional. They're work was excellent. They were also very neat since they took time to vacuum areas that were dirtied by them. I thought they walked me through the whole process well including getting the Pepco rebate afterwards. To get the rebate, they were required to show quantitatively the improvement made with the new insulation and duct sealing. I was around for most of the and they had good testing equipment. They delivered on what they promised in the contract and I was especially appreciative of the energy auditor Anthony who was very knowledgeable in the contract stage and who followed through the whole job with leak testing before and after the work was done. I would not have any reservations with using Atlas Energy again.

Gerald H. - October 2015 - North Potomac, MD