Cantilever Insulation

Approach to Sealing and Insulating Cantilevers

Many homes incorporate architectural details where upper levels of the house extend past the foot print of the lower levels.  This detail creates floor areas that are exposed on the underside to outdoor air temperatures year round. Traditionally, these details are framed in a way that allows a significant amount of air to leak into the house, and they are poorly insulated.  Sometimes these spaces have heating/cooling ducts running through them which leak air outside of the house, and some even have water pipes that freeze in the winter time. 

Temporary removal and reinstallation of the finishes below the cantilever to allow for air sealing and the proper installation of insulation can be accomplished without damaging the finishes. This approach is very effective at improving the comfort of the rooms above the cantilever while reducing the heating and cooling loads on the HVAC system.

An Atlas Energy Auditor can determine if sealing your band joist will help you meet your goals of comfort and energy efficiency while minimizing investment costs and time.

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