Atlas Home Energy Works with HandsOn Frederick County for the 2nd Year on Your Energy Action House Calls Project

Atlas Home Energy Works with HandsOn Frederick County for the 2nd Year on Your Energy Action House Calls Project

For the second consecutive year, energy auditors from Atlas Home Energy Solutions teamed with local non-profit HandsOn Frederick County (formerly Volunteer Frederick) to participate in the Energy Action House Calls program. The program is a grant funded partnership that gives youth participating in HOFC’s Summer Serve and Summer Serve Express program the opportunity to learn more about home energy auditing and energy efficient improvements. This year’s program had students performing energy audits and energy retrofits in 20 homes owned by Frederick Non-Profit organizations Advocates for Homeless Families and the Way Station.

During the first two weeks of the project, students learned the basics of home energy auditing. Students used tools including  blower doors and infrared cameras to test homes for air leaks and insulation deficiencies. Students also inspected the homes for other important issues including interior moisture damage and proper exterior drainage. During the first weeks, students also made important energy improvements on homes including installing compact fluorescent lighting to replace traditional incandescent, installing water heater insulation and pipe insulation, and insulating and air sealing outlets and electric switches with insulating foam gaskets.

After learning the basics over the first two weeks, students progressed to making more comprehensive improvements like air sealing penetrations,    sealing leaky HVAC ductwork, and insulating rim/band joists in unfinished basements. During the last week of the project, students were tasked with installing attic eave baffles and about 10” of new  fiberglass in a home that had very little existing insulation.

The second year of the program was a huge success. The student volunteers had the opportunity to learn valuable techniques that they will be able to take home and implement in their own homes. They also learned more about the emerging field of residential sustainability while making a big difference in the lives of others in the community.