Weatherization Technician

Weatherization Technician

Weatherization Technician

We are currently seeking Weatherization Technicians interested in finding consistent and reliable work with a company that provides long term career growth opportunities. The position offers potential advacement as a spray foam technician, weatherization technician, or aeroseal duct sealing technician. Work is consistent throughout all four seasons of the year with no annual layoffs or partial work weeks.  Typical work weeks are 40 hours. Atlas offers a comprehensive benefit package including:

Compensation and Benefits Offered

  1. Full Time Hourly Position between $14 and $18 per hour
  2. Paid Sick and Vacation Days
  3. Holiday Pay
  4. Time and a Half Overtime Pay
  5. Company Subsidized Health and Dental Insurance
  6. Company Sponsored Vision, Disability, and Life Insurance
  7. Retirement Plan – 401K with Employer Match
  8. Profit Sharing
  9. Company provided tools and vehicles 
  10. Continuous Technical and Non-Technical Skills Training

Daily Responsibilities

As a Weatherization Technician, the successful candidates primary responsibility will be in assisting in the installation of weatherization products, spray foam and fiberglass insulation. Specifically, daily tasks include:

  1. Work 8 to 10 hours per day starting at 6:30am five days per week
  2. Operating 17ft and 20ft company box trucks to reach job sites within 1 hour of Frederick
  3. Clearing of Loosefill Attic Insulation
  4. Installation of Attic Eave Baffles
  5. Installation of Fiberglass Batt and Loosefill Insulation
  6. Installation of Open and Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation
  7. Installation of Plywood Attic Storage Platforms and Insulation Dams
  8. Installation of Roof Vents for Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  9. Installation of Vapor Barriers in Crawl spaces
  10. Maintaining and Rebuilding Spray Foam Guns
  11. Set up of Protective Drop Clothes and Plastic
  12. Thorough Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Cleaning of Work Spaces

Job Qualifications

  1. Certifications/Experience
    1. ‚Äč1 Year of Existing Home Residential Construction
    2. Driver’s License with a clean driving record – preference is given to candidates with a DOT Card
    3. Candidates must pass a criminal background check – No felonies or violent misdemeanors allowed
    4. Candidates must pass a pre-employment drug screen
  2. Technical Skills Required
    1. Experience with Basic Hand Tools including hammers, screw guns, drill, nail gun
    2. Basic Carpentry Experience – Must be able to take measurements with a tape measure, make cuts using a miter saw or circular saw
  3. Non-Technical Skills Required
    1. Speak English
    2. Punctual and Reliable
    3. Works well in small 2 to 5 man teams
    4. Works independently for short periods of time
    5. Physically Capable – Technicians are required to manuver in tight, sometimes hot, and dirty environments including attics and crawlspaces. Candidates must be comfortable working in restrictive PPE including Tyvek suits and full face respirators.
    6. Flexible – Technicians are required to complete tasks that span a variety of building trades including insulation, spray foam, labor intensive demolition, carpentry, drywall, sheet metal fabrication, electrical and roofing. 
    7. Competitive – Candidates who thrive in competive environments are preferred.

The following skills are not required but preference is given to candidates who have some of the following technical and non-technical skills. Candidates who demonstrate professioncy with these skill sets are eligible for higher pay after a 90 day review.

  1. Preferred Technical Skills – Preference is given to candidates with some of the following skills
    1. Insulation Experience – Installing batt or loosefill fiberglass insulation or Cellulose Insulation
    2. Weatherization Experience – Air sealing of attic air leaks, weatherstripping of doors, caulking
    3. Spray Applied Coating Experience – Spray foam, paint coatings, sand blasting
    4. Drywall/Finishing Experience – Hanging drywall, tape and finish coating of joint compound, finish painting with paint brushes/rollers
    5. Roofing Experience – Installing Asphalt shingles and roof penetrations for exhaust fan vents or vent stack pipes
    6. Electrical Experience – Pulling wire for rough-in, basic wiring of electrical outlets or switches
    7. HVAC and Duct Experience – Sheet metal fabrication, connecting flex ducts, duct sealing with mastic or metal tape 
  2. Preferred Non-Technical Skills
    1. Problem Solving Ability – Can do basic troubleshooting to solve both technical and non-technical problems
    2. Effective communicator with Customers – Can explian what services are being provided and answer customer questions

To Apply

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