Our Vision

We strive to help residential and commercial building owners build and maintain comfortable, energy efficient, and sustainable buildings.

Our History

Atlas Energy Solutions was formed in 2009 by commercial and residential construction professionals Matt Sera and Mike Uecker. The original company goal was to provide comprehensive energy audits to homeowners looking for a way to save money on their utility bills and to make their home more comfortable.

As our customers learned about the many ways to make their homes more energy efficient, Atlas expanded its service offering to include basic energy efficiency improvements for residential customers. Since opening our doors in 2009, Atlas has expanded our services to include improvements to insulation, windows and doors, HVAC systems, and lighting.

In 2013, Atlas began to work more heavily with business owners whose commercial properties had the same opportunity for energy efficiency upgrades. Now, Atlas provides LED Lighting retrofits, HVAC and Control upgrades, and building shell enhancements for commercial properties throughout Maryland.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to make your home more comfortable or a business owner interested in reducing your electric bill, call the professional energy consultants at Atlas Energy Solutions to being making your building more energy efficient today!

Location and Service Area

With our main office in Frederick, Maryland, Atlas Energy Solutions provides consulting, inspection, and contracting services to clients across Maryland.

Atlas Energy Solutions
5711 Industry Lane, Unit 23
Frederick, MD 21704


Atlas Energy Solutions
5711 Industry Lane, Unit 23
Frederick, MD 21704
(O) (301) 364-5055

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm

Energy Saving Tip

** Reducing the thermostat setting on your water heater by just 10⁰F can save you 3% to 5% annually.**



Building Performance Institute (BPI)


"The (Atlas Energy) auditor found energy problems in areas of my home that I didn't know we even had! After the inspection they took the time to meet with my husband for over an hour to show us how to fix all of the problems. Throughout the whole process I felt like they truly cared about our home!"

Frank, Martinsburg